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Core Investment Process
Runde Core Strategy
Runde Large-Cap Core
The Runde Core process is based on a highly-diversified, fundamentally-based, process-driven approach. The fundamental inputs are enterprise value, projected GAAP net income, net income growth, and enterprise value/net income.  The process has been consistently applied for more than ten years and has proven replicable across market capitalizations and market environments. The Runde Core process is based on a proprietary filter developed in-house. The filter allows for the screening of a large number of securities simultaneously in order to identify overvalued and undervalued stocks. Runde's highly diversified portfolios reduce exposure to corporate event risk. Runde's low turnover mitigates style drift. 
Runde Large-Cap Core is a long-only, earnings-driven, predominantly U. S. large-cap equity portfolio. The benchmark for Runde Large-Cap Core is the Russell 1000.

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